Experiential Yoga               Dr M.V. Bhole



Dr m.v. Bhole

Soon after medical graduation in 1959, Dr.Bhole joined Kaivalyadhama Yoga Research Institute at Lonavla (Dist.Pune) in Maharashtra state, India as research assistant in physiology.

Was deputed for higher training to AIIMS, New Delhi where he completed M.D. in physiology in 1962-63 by working on the yoga technique, ‘kapalabhati’.

Worked in various capacities at Kaivalyadhama (Lonavla) and retired as Joint Director of Research in May 1995.

 During 1972-73, he was deputed by Govt.of India in the former Czechoslovakia to present Yoga on the lines of  modern medical sciences.  Based on his presentations, yoga was recognized in the rehabilitation medicine of that country and courses in yoga for rehabilitation workers were developed.

Later on, he was regularly invited by the Czechoslovak Science Academy till 1984 to work with the medical scientists in that country to develop the subject of yoga therapy and yoga education.

 Was deputed to Iran through the council for cultural relations where he gave lectures in medical colleges on yoga and worked with blind people.

Was deputed to Russia by ICMR for collaborative research in the management of labile arterial hypertension just a year before Peristroika. 

Was invited to take lectures on yoga by various organizations in Europe, Brazil and Argentina.


Working on “Experiential Yoga” or “Yoga Anubhava” which is a “Concept based, Experiencing oriented Training-cum-Education program” mainly designed for patients and common people having no background of classical yoga.

Visits Italy, England, France, Luxembourg and Czech Republic twice a year on the  invitation by yoga groups from these countries. 

Gerneral Body member of Central Council for Yoga and Naturopathy (CCRYN), New Delhi; Moraraji Desai National Institute of Yoga (MDNIY), New Delhi; Institute of Clinical Research and M.L.Dhawale Memorial Trust, Mumbai:  Lokmanya Medical Foundation, Chinchwad (Pune) and SAMPARC, Bhaje (Lonavla). Invited as “resource person” in their seminars for yoga teachers, naturopaths and research workers.

Life Member of Indian Science Congress, Indian Medical Association, Bruhan Maharashtra Yoga Parishad.

Founding Member of Yoganubhava, Italy and England. 

Was awarded honorary Doctorate of Science in Yoga by sVYASA, Bangalore for the research work carried out in the field of yoga.

 Was awarded the title of “Yogacharya” by Jindal Yoga Institute.


Worked as Editor of the quarterly yoga research journal
“Yoga Mimamsa” started by Swami Kuvalayanada in the year 1924.

Edited Abstracts and Bibliography of articles on yoga published from Kaivalyadhama – part one, 1990.  Published by Kaivalyadhama SMYM Samiti, Lonavla.

Co-author of the book, “Helping Yourself Towards Zero backache” with Dr.Narendra Vaidya.  Published by Backschool, Newvisions, Lokmanya Medical Research Centre, Chinchwad (Pune), Maharashtra, India.(2004) 

Author of  Guidebook on “Experiential Yoga”.  It is intended for the use of beginners and patients.  It can also be useful for yoga teachers who want to get exposed to this approach. Part  One and Two are ready, part Three will be ready soon.

Dr Mukund V. Bhole

  1. Medical Doctor, Physiologist

  1. Joint Director of Research  of Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute for 35 years

  1. Doctorate of Science in Yoga by sVYASA, Bangalore

  2. “Yogacharya” by Jindal Yoga Institute